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  1. Main C4 Cactus chat
    Hi, I own a 65 plate cactus. Bought 2nd hand from local garage in 2019. My UREA light has come on (+ service & engine lights) despite topping up my AdBlu. I’ve had the warnings cleared but the fault is continuing to show. I have 600 miles before I can’t start the car. I’m being told by Citroen...
  2. Main C4 Cactus chat
    Hi guys Just trying to work out if it is possible to add / retrofit heated wing mirrors to my 2017 1.6D blue I have found some cheap mirrors that have the wiring and the heated glass but trying to work out what else might be needed Fuse 30 in fuse box 2 I can see is for the heated mirrors...
  3. Faults & Technical
    Greetings to everyone. I own a 2017 citroen cactus and have been driving this car for two years. I listen to music via Spotify in my car. For a while, although the song I listen to changes, The name of the song does not change and remains the same as the name of the first song I listened to...
1-3 of 3 Results