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Hi all,

Just a heads up if you get the same symptoms - since getting my Cactus on the odd occasion it hasn't started despite my foot being on the brake pedal etc, only happened 4 - 5 times and I put it down to operator error. Yesterday I drove and then made a stop. I went to start it and it wouldn't saying I should put my foot on the brake when I was. Tried a few times and it eventually started, but when I tried to put it into drive or reverse (its the mechanical auto) it immediately reverted to neutral - I was stuck!! Rang my dealer who gave me the number for Citroen Assist (in fact it was the AA that turned out). After being stopped for about an hour it started and drove OK but there was obviously a fault so I followed the AA to the nearest Citroen dealer (Dorchester). The AA guy organised a hire car for 4 days!! which was just around the corner and I drove one away, however it was fixed by lunch time today. After plugging it in a Brake Light Switch fault showed up so they changed it and I drove it away no probs.

I've only had the car 3 weeks, registered in Jan 2015 and was an ex demo with 2k miles on it. I had great service from all concerned and got me sorted really quickly, I'm sure this is just a one off but I thought I would post just in case other folk had a similar symptom and could get it checked out before it actually fails, on reflection the 4 -5 times it did it before failing was the switch on the way out to completely failing, I should have took note....
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