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To reduce fuel consumption it is important to increase efficiency and to do away with the superfluous. By making the vehicle lighter, Citroën has been able to adopt smaller latest-generation engines, which reduce fuel consumption whilst maximising driveability.

As a result, the New Citroën C4 Cactus is available with a petrol version emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 and a diesel version emitting just 82g/km with impressive fuel consumption of 91.1mpg.

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Looking beyond fuel consumption, Citroën has reduced the overall running costs of the New C4 Cactus by almost 20% compared with the benchmark in the compact hatchback segment. As a result of the efforts made to optimise weight, the need to replace wear parts due to normal wear and tear has been significantly reduced. Repair costs are also considerably lower, thanks to Citroën's Airbump® technology.

The C4 Cactus is impressively light: basic models weigh in a massive 200kg less than a C4 hatch, at 965kg.

The sound-insulating panoramic sunroof, for example, uses the same sunlight and UV-ray protection technology as high-end sunglasses. Citroen says this means the C4 Cactus doesn't have to include a sunblind, saving 6kg and lowering the car's centre of gravity a smidge.

There's also high-strength steel and aluminium crash structures, such as the bonnet, cutting kilos too. Shunning roll-down rear windows for cheaper pop-out panes saves a further 11kg, while a single-piece folding rear bench seat saves 6kg. The front seats use a bench arrangement too, albeit with individual squab adjustment for legislative and comfort reasons.

Adopting an approach similar to mobile phone price plans, Citroën brings New C4 Cactus customers a range of funding options in the form of a monthly flat-rate or mileage-based payment, depending on the country.

This innovative service covers all expenditure, excluding fuel, during the period of the agreement: finance, insurance and servicing. For a fixed monthly payment, customers can select their preferred trim level (equipment, engine, etc.) and the level of service they require (type of cover, all-in or mileage based, etc.) without exceeding their budget.


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