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Citroen's bold C4 Cactus crossover has the sharp looks and value pricing to be a hit. Can it beat Peugeot and Dacia? Auto Express put them to the test.

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1st place: Citroen C4 Cactus

The new C4 Cactus is a quirky and welcome addition to the crossover sector. It has stand-out looks, a high-quality interior and is reasonably comfortable, but it's not without fault. Rear space could be better, and the diesel favours efficiency over everyday usability, while a six-speed box needs to be added. But great value and a decent amount of standard kit secure its victory.

2nd place: Peugeot 2008

The 2008 is still a classy and desirable crossover. It has reasonable boot space and shares the premium feel of the C4 Cactus, but the compromised dashboard and driving position count against it, while rear seat space is tight, too.

The biggest sticking point with the 2008 is that it's slightly pricier to buy than the new Citroen, and will cost you more to run, too.

3rd place: Dacia Duster

There's no shame in the Duster finishing in third place in this test. Its budget price tag and no-nonsense design and build provide charm by the bucketload, and if you want to carry five people and luggage, this is the car to go for.

It also has the bonus of four-wheel-drive versatility. However, running costs are on the high side.

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