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With a focus on ease of use, connectivity and accessibility, the technologies featured on the New Citroën C4 Cactus focus on the real needs of today's motorists.

A fully digital & intuitive touchscreen interface

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Fitted as standard, a 7-inch touchscreen featuring seven main control buttons gives access to a full range of modern vehicle functions, including:

Automatic air conditioning
Media (digital radio, audio streaming, connection of mobile devices & functions to store music or display photos)
Navigation (speed limit display, traffic updates & efficient route options)
Driving aids (reversing camera, Park Assist, programmable speed limiter & cruise control)
Telephone (hands-free function via Bluetooth®, phonebook access, display of profile photos & double call management)
Connected services (Citroën Multicity Connect portal via a 3G connection)
Parameter settings (including an interactive on-board manual).
All these controls are grouped on a single screen, ensuring they are always easily accessible.

Amongst the useful technologies is the Citroën Multicity Connect application portal. Controlled from the 7-inch touchscreen, this portal offers a range of apps designed to making life easier for all occupants. Applications include:

'Fuel' app, allowing motorists to find the nearest and/or cheapest service station
'Yellow Pages' & 'Trip Advisor' apps, which help to locate hotels & restaurants
'Michelin Traffic' app, providing live traffic information
'Coyote' app, providing alerts on high-risk roads
All applications are fully integrated with the driving interface, taking account of all vehicle-related information (position, speed, route, fuel level, etc.), to provide the right information at the right time and anticipating driver needs in all circumstances.

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100% useful driving aids

For a more relaxed drive, the New Citroën C4 Cactus features a range of driving aids to make life easier:

Park Assist carries out parking manoeuvres automatically when a suitable space has been identified.
The driver only needs to operate the accelerator & brake
A reversing camera makes light work of parking manoeuvres with the image displayed on the touchscreen, providing greater visibility
Hill-Start Assist keeps the vehicle stationary for two seconds on a slope, allowing the driver to easily proceed on gradients of over 3% without the vehicle dropping back when the brake pedal is released
Static cornering lights provide an additional beam of light to illuminate the inside of bends, improving visibility & safety at corners & junctions
The Citroën eTouch service includes a localised emergency & assistance call system, depending on the country. These two 24/7 services are free for the life of the vehicle and feature an integrated SIM card. In the event of an incident or accident, they ensure that the emergency services can locate & reach the vehicle promptly.
Technological Innovations for increased comfort

The New Citroën C4 Cactus boasts a large panoramic sunroof featuring advanced heat protection (the best available on the market), designed to filter light and reflect heat. With protection equivalent to category-4 sunglasses, the sunroof provides effective protection from UV rays, while excellent light, heat and acoustic protection eliminates the need to fit a sunblind. As a result, vehicle weight is reduced by 6kg and weight distribution is also improved - the centre of gravity is lowered for a more balanced ride.

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Driving comfort is further enhanced, thanks to 'Smart Wash' - a simple, ingenious innovation, removing visibility issues caused by washing the windscreen. With this technology, windscreen washer nozzles are built into the tips of the wipers and release just a small amount of fluid. This helps to maintain visibility and also halves the amount of fluid required compared to a conventional system.


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