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Hello all. I like Citroens. I've had, over the years, two 2CVs, a Xantia and three C1s. Drive a Focus ST but such potential hooliganism is slowly being squished by cameras and the Secret Car Police/Revenue gatherers.

Had a testdrive in a bright yellow Cactus about 3 months ago - a 1.6 diesel and decided to let the marque mature a bit. Ideally I'd go for the Aventure but they are cagey about whether it will ever be produced. A 2 litre model ? The split rear seat lack and pop out windows? Hmm. The seat could slide off and slot in - they missed a 2CV trick with a hinged half window and removable rear seat there.

I enjoyed my test drive - gear lever a bit like a celery stick but it wafted along OK. They did not have the 1.2 with auto gearbox - the bench seat appealed but they clearly wanted to shift diesels and I asked Citroen Direct for a test drive. Odd - the dealer all of a sudden had a 1.2 auto. They weren't offering any discounts so early and made a derisory offer for the Ford so I'm still undecided.
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