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Hi All Forum viewers & Members.
We have had this Cactus for a week now and have done about 300 miles with it.

It is a 1.6 Hdi Manual, Feel in silver with added city camera pack, Black Square alloys and the grey air bump inserts.
This car replaces our 2007 Xsara Picasso 1.6 Hdi and our first impression is so far very good.

The level of equipment, ride and performance are very good and initial fuel return looks good too, having still half a tank remaining from a fill up on 300 miles of use.
There are a couple of little things missing which do not just jump out at you when you have look around the car but become apparent once using it. There is no interior light in the rear of the car, which makes finding seat belt buckles tricky in the dark. There are no 'Grab handles' in the roof which some people become used to over time and you need to have the left front door open to release the bonnet catch which can be a problem if you are a right hand drive car parked tight up against something on the left.
I understand the safety aspect of the bonnet release, as this has been done to prevent anyone releasing the bonnet whilst driving, however for the UK market it could cause problems if you need to open the bonnet whilst parked tight up against something on the left side of the car. If you had a flat battery or wanted to check you oil etc before starting the engine, you may need to move it before you can release the bonnet.

Sure these are minor items that are not be a major issue, and as the car is aimed with safety in mind along with weight being kept to a minimum, then I think it all makes good sense.

Does anyone else have things that they have noticed, good or bad on the Cactus?

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Welcome to the forums, just saw your picture too, thanks for posting that up :)

You'll spot another post about a missing vanity mirror too - all in the name of cost / weight saving ;)
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