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And here it is from Sunny Malta.. (currently rainy and thundery). It rolled out of the showroom just a few hours before the pic was taken.

My first impressions are:

The 1.2, 82bhp engine is enough for everyday commuting .. quite nippy.. In fact it has the same growl as the Daihatsu Charades 3 cylinder engine produced a couple of decades ago.

The gears are easy to engage.. no loose in the stick like previously reported.. Though the clutch pedal feels strange. The clutch engages even if I push the pedal a bit.. no need to go all the way down. Strange for a brand new car.

A very comfy drive.. All controls feel light, all round visibility is good, reverse camera is certainllllly recommended.. and it feels solid on the road.

7 inch touch screen is something I was looking forward to. No lagging as reported, reverse camera comes on instantaneously when reverse is engaged, easy to operate and interesting to say the least. Though I would have liked an option of adding shortcuts to have quick access to the pages or radio stations I use often like an Android phone.

Looks... a head turner. I must say that everytime I go out I see one or two usually. So here in Malta they are getting popular


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Excellent :D
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