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Hi Guys

Just wanted to compare dates if possible. Im still waiting for mine :( but I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

I ordered mine 26 Jan, but it was for a new reg. The dealer advised me it had a manufacture date of mid March (later confirmed to be 18th). I was advised round then to expect it "Middle weeks" of April.

I chased them on Monday but still no date :evil:

The dealer did tell me someone ordered the same day and had a manufacture date of 1st April. Just wondering if there is any type consistancy between date being manufactured to delivered.

(Im not getting impatient......honest)

I don't think there is. I ordered mine on the 4th February with panoramic sunoof and other extras and it was at the dealers exactly eight weeks later, which was the dealers estimated delivery date, so I was very pleased. :D

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