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First of all, HELLO!, fellow cactus owners! I am not from UK, but I see this place as good source for exchanging opinions, tips, etc.
I've just entered this forum with few questions, and since I have also few things/"problems" noted about my cactus, I thought this is good place to start conversation *(even though those problems are more suggestions, or questions)

Anyway, I bought mine C about one month ago, it is Nacre white with Habana inside. I actually had different color option in mind, but didn't wanna wait extra month/month and a half for it ... Gonna post some photos in a days to come, but it is ordinary, original color combination ...

Before I start with those notes, let me say I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my choice, and my car. You see, money was not a problem when I ordered my car, so I got to choose between cactus and a one class higher, i think, renault Kadjar. So, Cactus won, with it's un-ordinarity and simplicity, even if I had few things I didn't like.

So, let's try to note those:

1: Of all things missing in a Cactus, which was probably justified with a need to make it light, they put those folding back seat, which probably add more weight than all these little things together:
a) no hook at first passenger seat
b) no night lights at back seat
c) no possibility to fold side mirrors from the inside of a car (electronically)
... ...
I mean, I know some people need it (double-folding rear seat), but I don't think too many of You bought a Cactus to use it as a cargo car!?!?

2: I got a middle hand-rest with mine, but since my cactus is on manual shift-changer, it is impossible to use hand-rest in city ride, since I can not get the hand brake easily. It is much more convenient and PRETTY in C's with robotic changer, but I honestly thought handrest for manual gear car would at least slide to the back when needed.

3: Nightlight *(yes, the only one :D ) - choice of using very weak and too cold in color - led's is not very good. The light is pretty ... - insignificant. And also the color shade is, well, ... let me put it this way: perfect color shade if You are thinking suicide or something like that :)

Those are general little things I noted as not-that-good.

Now, few questions:
While locking up, I have pretty sharp and irony sound from my car. I think it is because the lock for trunk door was really hard when I bought my car. It was heavily lubricated with something, and I thought it is OK, it needs to work a little, to get justified by itself, but, even after one month, it is still not ok. It is much better, but still little stiff. Any similar experiences out there?

Tablet is ok, little laggy, which is not much of a problem. But, I had it few times taking too much to load system after turning my car on. Also, sometimes after changing from reverse to first gear, a rear camera view stays on for a few seconds. Is this same with You?
One more about a tablet: Among all the options for car setup, the software do not have the option for customizing it's own interface, not even the color scheme (mine is dark background with red/white combination of colors). Is there any new firmware with some expansion in options?? ??

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Congratulations on your excellent choice of buying a Cactus ;)

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Your door lock noise is the deadlocks working. They prevent your car from getting stolen as even if they smash the glass you can't open the door or boot.
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