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Yellow with red insert, black mirrors & rails. Flair 82bhp. Got just about everything except the sun roof and the park assist. Delivered to me with nearly half a tank of petrol....which was nice (Fast Show, anyone?).

Ordered it mid October so I guess it hasn't taken forever. Just feels like it.

Drove about 40 miles today, checking it out. Comfy. Smooth. Plenty of power when you need it. The gear indicator doesn't seem to like you staying in 1st for long.

It's pretty much everything I wanted it to be. My two previous favourite cars were an old BMW 3 series and a Ford Puma Millennium (yellow). Somehow, like somewhere in between the two. In a good way.

You can see people checking it out too. Quite a head turner - although I'm sure that won't last as it will probably become the new Juke.

I love it. Thanks Citroen.

Je suis Cactus.
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