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Hi ...... We bought a purple Cactus just before Easter, just over a year old. It's the Feel version in diesel. I do get very confused between the various models though.

We were in Tenerife at Easter and there were loads of them about in various colours and every day there were one or two outside our hotel as they're used by a car hire firm in the hotel.

Fun to drive, comfortable and getting used to the touchscreen now. I missed the parking sensor I had on my previous car so hubby has put me one on. I was thinking the person who designed the boot must have been a giant as I was reaching really high to close it again and my son pointed out there is a groove much lower down to use!! :lol:

We discovered that the washer bottle must have a hole in it as all the screen wash runs straight out so it's going in to be replaced under guarantee.

Other than that, no problems and I'm enjoying it!
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