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I first encountered Citroën with a DS taxi in Nice 1968. Again in 1977 when I decided on a GS1220 Club Estate as my rep-mobile after the in between years of conventional suspension proving an everyday unacceptable ride. After 50,000 trouble free miles in 2 years, I had another one.
In 1983 I bought one of the first BX 'A 275 RBX' 1.6 TRS. In 1987 a 1.7 RD served over 90,000 miles with only one LHM leak. I wanted a Xantia but some how ended up with a Xsara for the 10 years just before my present car which I've had for 2 years, a Renault Modus. Local used dealer, I shall miss the boot shute and folding mirrors, but been primed with digital speedo, cruise and limit controls.
I was instantly impressed with the Cactus interior when it first appeared but I was reluctant to travel the over 50 miles to the Citroën dealer on the off chance they had one. I recently relented with a #LoveC4Cactus 48 hours. Also while I was procrastinating a new building at the local Ford dealership turns out to be a Citroën dealer! A month ago I called in to see when it was opening and a Cactus appeared driven by a visiting manager and he let me have 10 minutes!
I ordered last week, one day before their official opening day. Looks like I might as well wait until 65 reg. September!
110 S&S manual Feel Black squared Habana
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