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This is my first post on this forum. On start I would apologize you for my bad English. Back to topic:

I had big problem with mp3 file tags. I want all files with title, artist and image, but I don't found any good program for it. Only one can search images and put it to mp3 files, but car have problem with images larger then about 600x600 px. Fortunately I am programmer :) So I present you program for create good Mp3 Tags for Cactus. About application requirements:
- Java 7 and 8
- Linux or Windows (tested only on Ubuntu 14.04)
- Mp3 file name: #artist - #title.mp3 or #tracknumber - #artist - #title.mp3

Program put artist, title, track number and image 500x500px to ID3v23 Tag. On choose file from list, they search images proposition for this track and automatic convert image to 500x500px when you save file. File saved in: #choosenfolder/converted/. Program remove old ID3 Tags!



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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