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Well it did finally arrive. So far so good, but have only really filled it with fuel and driven to work and back so far. Plan to play over the Easter weekend. I have managed to connect my ipod and am pleased with the sound/speakers. The sat nav looks very impressive, and it managed to get me home with out any strange directions. The seats are very comfortable, and I like the driving position. Its a pity the passenger seat is not height adjustable as my OH is 6 foot 3 and bumps his head on the AirBag when getting in. It won't be a problem for him when I let him drive it as I like the seat on its lowest setting, however he's not been allowed yet ;)
The only thing i'm not impressed with is the seagulls which took a liking to it - although its not very visible on a white car better go and remove it methinks.



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