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So after nearly three months finally picked up my flair pure tech 110 in tapenade grey. Wasn't sure about the colour but it looks ok, especially with the black bumps. On reflection I think I probably would have gone with an arctic silver if I was to do it again.
Haven't driven very far today only about 15 miles but initial thoughts are that it is quieter than my last car ( a 2012 Kia Soul )
And a smoother ride. Steering is very light, some bumps noticeable but slightly better than last car. I am having trouble with the pedals as when I go to put my foot on the clutch it gets hung up on the foot rest. Also pulling off in 1st gear is problematic its probably something I just need to get used to.
Overall I'm happy and made the right choice as it's less of a monthly cost than I was paying. Will upload a pic when I get the chance.

Enjoy. If Arctic Steel wasn't the colour of my present Citroen I would have gone for that but I wanted a change.

I pick mine up Tuesday. :D
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