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The Top Gear presenter and Mirror motoring writer says the French company's crossover car is cool and clever

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Here's a strong entrant into Hammond's Car of 2014 awards and if you're up for a walk to your local bookie I'd slap a fiver on it coming near the top.

It's the Citroen Cactus and it's a hurricane of fresh air because there isn't anything quite like it.

First, cop a look at the photos and see the bumps along the side. Citroen calls them Airbumps but they're really bubble wrap for cars.

They're made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU for short, and their purpose is obvious: to prevent the side of the car from getting bashed by shopping trollies or car doors.

The only worry is people might clonk the Airbumps just to watch them bounce back.

The Cactus is a rival for Nissan's Juke and Fiat's 500L. Sorry, but if you don't think that the Cactus is 1,000 times better looking than the Fiat you're simply wrong.


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