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Hi all,

I’ve had my Cactus 1.6hdi adblue for around 5 months now. Looked on here for tips tricks and info and would like to share a quick easy one myself to give back on the advice I have already had from this forum.
Firstly though some observations:

6ft2 and I actually test sat in a non sunroof version and can honestly say maybe it is because it is lighter or WHY but the version I have with sunroof feels roomier. I did drive a Berlingo for 19 years before that (300k, owned from new 2.0hdi) so anything different was bound to feel cramped..

We have two little dogs and the car is always outside with no shade so it does get baking hot in there therm l glass or not.
Now for my cheap solution, less than £20 total off Amazon camping tarp size 1.4m x 2.0m could possibly have gone a size bigger and shaded the side windows too..

Whatcha think?


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