Deep Purple Flair

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Deep Purple Flair

Post by Robinmasters » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:49 pm

Flair, but with a panoramic roof (I didn't want leather). 1.6hdi etg. Very impressed so far.


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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by paully » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:26 am

Looks really good, nice colour and all the bells and whistles.....The leather though, I have to say, is a class act when it comes to seating..but hope you have many years of happy motoring. Certainly loving mine.
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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by Poacher » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:44 am

Very nice .............. great colour ;) and agree about being impressed. Can't fault mine ( apart from the doors )
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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by Jonovich » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:19 pm

Great colour!


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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by Findo82 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:15 pm

I have just ordered mine in this colour but went for the black wheels and added the sunroof! I am too excited! Been told it could be 12 weeks for delivery tho :-(

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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by Pheon » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:17 pm

You are doubtless committed now but there have been some astonishing savings on preregistered cars by searching Motors Uk. That is all cars. The market is depressed.

My Rip Curl 110 S/S was les than £14K.

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Re: Deep Purple Flair

Post by Kalina » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:07 pm

I've never seen this model in a deep purple color like that. I'm pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing the pic.

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