Shuddering/Loss of Power

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Re: Shuddering/Loss of Power

Post by sjhaycroft » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:38 pm

Curriemaster, I'm one of the others experiencing this same issue however it is rather intermittent. It happened in 3rd on the way home from work tonight and a good few weeks again in 3rd. I'm guessing you use high octane fuel like myself? I've tried v power and costco 99 and both have not caused the issue to go away. After a bit of reading around on the internet I'm now thinking that using 99 ron fuel may just be the cause of the intermittent misfire. From what I read the higher the ron number the less volatile the fuel mixture is and is designed for engines with a higher compression ratio. The past few timws my car had misfired, I'm thinking I've gone into 3rd too quick and put my foot down and maybe just maybe the fuel I'm using isn't igniting fast enough. Anyways I have 90 miles left in the tank and on my next fill up I'm going to use 95 ron as I'm sure in the manual it states 95-98. I'm doing a long drive to the lake district this weekend so will post in here when I'm back.

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