Stop/Start stopped working / central locking failed

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Stop/Start stopped working / central locking failed

Post by hummingbird82 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:44 am

Morning! So have a Cactus Flair and have been having a few electrical gremlins. Had the car a couple of years now and no problems to date but it has recently started insisting that the driver's door is still open (although the alarm doesn't sound when we set off) and the central locking doesn't disengage all the locks once the car is stopped, so you can't get in to any door other than the driver's one (unless opened from the inside first).
The "service" light came on a couple of times but that has now gone out. Noticed today that stop/start has also failed. It flashes "eco" a couple of times and nothing happens. I also think it may be in a bit of a "limp" mode, ie turbo not spooling up when it should, although the hubby disagrees.

Battery was disconnected and checked a couple of weeks ago and all fine. Other half confessed to driving through a huge puddle when there was some flooding but this was months ago.

Any ideas???

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