Miserable Kents...

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Re: Miserable Kents...

Post by CactusBob » Thu May 25, 2017 11:35 pm

I have a blue lagoon Cactus, so it does stand out. The other day I was stuck in traffic in my local area and another blue lagoon Cactus was stuck in the slow moving traffic coming the other way. At one point we were both side by side, facing opposite directions and the woman driving it just didn't even look at me, or any hint of acknowledgement that we were both in the same colour Cacti. Maybe to her it's just a car, or maybe it's the same as wearing the same outfit to a party and not something to draw attention to. But whatever, I love the design and look of the Cactus and I chose the blue lagoon colour precisely because I think it stands out and shows off the car's lines so well. Thought it was odd that there was no wave or anything. I guess to most people it's just a car. I like cars that look different. If I wanted to blend in I'd drive a Fiesta! I always look at Cactus drivers I pass on the road, ready to wave, but I never have been waved at yet. One driver of a blue lagoon Cactus I passed in a town was looking at me and my car and we did smile, although it wasn't a wave, it was nice a fellow Cactus driver acknowledged me and there was mutual approval of each other's choice of car.

Regarding waving in general, I once had an old Land Rover and most times I saw another one on the road the driver would wave!

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Re: Miserable Kents...

Post by srperry » Fri May 26, 2017 8:27 am

You could try actually waving instead of waiting for the other party to wave? :)
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