Emissions fault!!!

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by littleprickle » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:39 pm

Hi Wayne

Exact same thing happened to me just after Christmas. Filled with ad blue but none of the lights went off. Couldn't get it into garage until yesterday and they've come back saying its the NoX sensor. Apparently I'd already had the ad blue recalls on a previous visit (New recall was done on the steering wheel controls though) They have reset the warning count down and no dashboard lights now but apparently it could come back on at any time and give me a 750 mile count down to non starting. They want £400 to replace the sensor but I'm reluctant due to the "might" not come back on. Is your car still OK?


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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by Mattimus » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi Sj and Wayne's and all.

Same has just happened to my cactus. It happened last week and then went off. I dont seem to have the 750 mile warning though. Going to have the adblue topped up although I know it was topped up at xmas.

This is after alot of issues after buying the car last September. I believe I had the adblue tank replaced by the garage i bought it from.

Has anyone had this problem and how was it resolved. I have owned landrovers previously and my cactus is getting to their level of unreliability!


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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by NicNichol » Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:03 pm

Same issues here and not very happy!

Absolutely love the car (minus faults) I’m a commuter so I do expect the service light to come on more frequently.
This is what happened to my 2014 Cactus C4 Blue HDI:

My UREA and service light came on in Dec 18. No problem, I ended up taking it to a quick-fit and had a full service as dealer couldn’t fit me in.
All lights off. Within 2 days the engine warning light came on. I called the dealer who told me to take it back to quick-fit. They denied all knowledge and said it was something to do with emissions on the diagnostics.

It was due MOT end feb and as I was going to be out of the UK took it to a local garage. Failed MOT because the engine light was on 😡

Mid Feb 19 Booked it into the dealer and paid circa £500 for replacement de-nox sensor, and MOT.
All lights off and good to go again.

Last week Service light on again, Within a few days UREA light and engine light came on in unison with the 700 m warning.
I bought 5l adblue 2 days ago and put about 3l in. Within 10mibs of driving, UREA light goes off still have the engine and service lights on.
An hour later UREA light back on.

Slightly worried as this is exactly what happened in Feb (2 months ago)! with the engine light. No warrunty.

Will get it booked in after the Easter w/e.

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by routemaster1 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:22 am

Just found this thread, I had this issue on a C4 Grande Picasso about a year ago. In my case the Adblue warning came up, but no countdown. I have had many other issues, all of which, except a new battery after the stop/start failed to function, have been free under warranty. From my experience I would urge anyone who has a car under 3 years old which has been correctly serviced within the Citroen dealership network to consider the Citroen extended warranty. It is less than £300 for a year, and could save you a fortune. You must take it out before the original warranty expires, and can be renewed each year, again without the previous year's warranty expiring. You can renew unless the mileage has exceeded 100,000 miles. I had two claims on our C3 , one at about 95,000 miles (injector) and one at over 100,000 miles (ABS sensor)

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