Emissions fault!!!

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by HullCactus63 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:14 pm

My turn: car is Cactus 1.6 blue Feel 2015 (65 plate)

Bought the car in June last year (2019) from Evans Halshaw. This Saturday (29th February) the engine management light came on with "engine fault: have the vehicle repaired" displayed, this was quickly followed by the UREA light coming on and the message "emissions fault", also the SERVICE light (although service not due. There is NO countdown of miles displayed where car will fail to start.
I have an OBDII code reader but when connected it discovered 6 faults (4 faults/2 pending) but was unable to give fault codes?
This morning I topped up with AdBlue - tank took the full 5ltr can - but the lights are still on but still NO mile countdown indicating failure to start.
Since I bought this car in June and 4500 miles later that is 15 litres of AdBlue that it has taken. Is this normal?

After reading a lot of these posts I am starting to get very nervous about a huge repair bill if it has to have an AdBlue tank replaced.
I agree with a lot of people, if Citroen are replacing a lot of these AdBlue tanks on relatively 'new' cars then surely a recall should have been carried out?

I'm going to see how it goes for the rest of this week, as some people are saying the lights went out after a couple of days? Before I decide my next move.

An after thought, I recall back in November I was driving up the M1 at night when suddenly the SERVICE light came on, followed by the UREA light but NO engine management light, but after a few miles, they went off and this is the first I've seen them light up since that night.

Car has done just 39,000 miles from new.

Thoughts please? Thanks.

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by jeffj » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:26 am

I have a Citroen Cactus C4 BlueHdi 1.6L diesel car 65 reg. It has done ~40k miles and suddenly on a drive home on the motorway 3 days ago, the UREA + SERVICE + ENGINE MANAGEMENT lights came on together with an audible beep with on-screen message saying "Engine fault: Get engine repaired". The lights weren't flashing and had orange colour. When I read up on the car manual I noticed that this is an error with the SCR emission control system. Reading this forum and other google pages, I decided to top up my car with 13L of AdBlu. It was surprising that the AdBlu tank was empty but I did not get any low AdBlu warning. In the past when the tank was low, I got the UREA (AdBlu) warning but this time I didn't.

After topping up with sufficient AdBlu, I also checked to see if my tank was of the new model based on user information I saw on this forum. My AdBlu tank P/N is: 9812914780. I took my car for a 2 mile ride however all the three warning messages were still on. I worried if this might be a bigger issue than I thought (maybe a broken pump, bad tank etc..) then I took my car for a 3 mile ride on the motorway speeding up and down to get the engine pumping. I was delighted to see that after 6 miles of driving, the UREA + SERVICE lights went off. The Engine Management Light still stayed on solid.

After reading this forum, I noticed that for some people the light disappeared by itself after ~36 hours. I decided to give this a try and after 2 days (this happened over a weekend) when I started up my car on Monday, viola! the EML light too disappeared and I was left feeling relieved! :) .

When the faults first appeared, that day I called up my local Citroen dealer and the lady told me that I should bring the car in for a £125 diagnostic of the faults before any repair work commenced... She said that from her experience when all three of those lights come together it won't go away by itself and there is not much change to wait.. I now realise how wrong she was.

So if anyone out there experience this same error, try topping up the AdBlu tank ~10L and taking the car for a good 10mi ride and waiting a few days :) .

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by routemaster1 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:51 am

I have never seen anything about a new design of Adblue tank, but there has been a recall to replace the tank cap. If anyone out there has not taken their Adblue fitted car to Citroen in the last 2 or 3 years, it may be worth getting the cap checked, as the old cap may be contributing to the Adblue pump failures. Should be free.

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by cactusman20 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:46 am

Hi all

First time poster here but this thread has been very helpful, so thank you in advance.

I have experienced similar problems to what many have described above - AdBlue top up light came on and I was going to get around to sorting that out later this week, I still had 750 miles before start being prevented and has never been an issue in the past when I have filled up.

Earlier this evening the emissions fault and engine fault light came on in the same way as everyone has described above, I immediately filled up with AdBlue and also did all the usual checks. Later the lights are still on and I'm hoping that I don't need to take my Cactus to the garage. I have a 65 plate 1.6 Diesel.

I have noted that the part number I have on the tank itself seems to be the newer one (ending 780) but also noticed that the cap on the actual tank itself is of the older variety. I have ordered a new cap for the tank directly from a dealer online for £20, rather than the hassle of chasing a Citroen dealer for one.

Here's hoping that the new cap and what everyone has posted above does actually sort the problem. :D

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