Emissions fault!!!

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by Gem91 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:39 pm

I've been reading through and I'm after some advice please.
I have a 15plate cactus and I'm now experiencing the same faults you have explained. The urea light came on for a top up the before we topped up the engine warning light came on and now the service light is on. I havent had my cap changed and wasn't aware of the problems you have mentioned until I've read this post. I'm going to contact citroen or Arnold Clarke where it was purchased but they seem to not want to answer the phone 🙄 so I was just wondering if anyone has managed to get it repaired through them without a large bill because of the fault with the cap? I can hear the pump going regularly from the boot so unsure if we are too late to just change the cap. I've had the car 2.5 years so assuming any warranty would be gone. I've had all services done at arnold Clarke. Thanks

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by routemaster1 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:05 pm

The problem you have is that the faulty cap should have been replaced at least 2 years ago, and if it had there may not have been an issue. I would guess the car hasn't been into Citroen, otherwise it would have been done.. The link between the cap and the tank fault would be difficult to prove.

I replied to someone else on a different forum who has this issue, and he has very sensibly maintained the Citroen warranty, so he has avoided a bill of over £1000. I would recommend anyone who has a diesel Citroen and has had it regularly serviced should pay ~£250 for a year's warranty, it could save you a fortune.

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by Gem91 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:06 pm

Routemaster1 thank you for the reply.
I brought the car on finance in jan 2018 and just took out the service&mot plan with arnold clarke I don't know much about cars so didn't even think about warranty with citroen.
I'm guessing I'm stuffed then and gonna end up with the massive bill 🙄 should it not of been picked up on the services from arnold or would it of only be done through citroen, I'd of thought they would of been aware of this fault aswell.
If I can hear the pump going alot more regular does it mean its gone? Ive ordered a new cap from what I've seen on photos I've ordered the vent one but I imagine I'm past that point now several years down the line

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Re: Emissions fault!!!

Post by Paulc307 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:17 am

My C4 has just come up with emissions areo fault. Took it to citroen garage here in spain and dianosed adblue tank & pump US!
Thought christ thats gonna cost, but surprise surprise, citroen are paying. Car is 4 years old in nov with 26k on the clock.
So as someone has previously mentioned.......inherent fault ?

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