Stop/Start issue...

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Stop/Start issue...

Post by thedemolishedman » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:45 pm


After a day at the hospital I picked the up Cactus from the car park to drive home. It started OK and I drove off. Outside the car park I pulled up at traffic lights. The stop/start system switched the engine off, but when I put the car in gear and tried to pull away the engine would not switch back on. I put everything back into neutral and tried again but nothing happened. So I turned the ignition off and on again but still nothing happened. So in desperation I tried the ignition again and the car started and I drove on.

Has anyone else had this issue - I am worried that the car (which was brand new last September) has an unreliable stop/start system and will leave me stranded somewhere. I understand that the stop/start feature does not use the starter motor but is it just too clever for its own good? Is it temperamental or prone to problems?

If this is a real issue is there a way to permanently disable the stop/start feature?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice, or just confirmation that I am not alone!


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Re: Stop/Start issue...

Post by cactusjack » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:06 pm

My stop/start has behaved faultlessly for 2 years, I think with most 'new technolgies' you'll always get a small percentage that will become faulty. Have you ever experienced this before or could it just be that the battery is under parr ?. It can be disabled (for each journey) from the screen but I'm guessing if you've owned it for 6 months you already know that. Yes you're right it doesn't use the starter motor, some like it and some seem to hate it. Sorry can't be more help but there have been a few queries on S/S but not to the point of being a major issue looming up. Have a search if not already done so.
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