PSA Finance and Manheim Auctions - Beware!

Interior and Exterior bodywork
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PSA Finance and Manheim Auctions - Beware!

Post by LMC247 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:10 pm

Hi all,

After three great years, the lease for my Cactus Flair came to an end in June. It was however, a bitter end, thanks to the extortionate charges I had to pay after the car was inspected by Manheim.

The exterior was fine other than a few stone chips as you would expect, so no charges there. A good start.

It was the interior that ended up costing me a pretty penny. There was a small tear in the mat under the pedals, which appeared after 30k miles or so (handed the car back at 54k). I hadn't realised, but the tear had worked it's way through to the carpet in the driver's footwell - a tear of approximately 2cm (photo below). PSA/Manheim quoted me £450 to have that repaired!

I disputed the charge with the Maheim inspector, and lodged a formal dispute with PSA Finance claiming that clearly the carpet wasn't fit for purpose as that's where my heels always would be. I also mentioned that it was a problem shared with other Cactus owners, based on posts on the forum. The trouble is, the interior/carpet isn't covered under fair wear and tear, and so legally I didn't have a leg to stand on. I got quotes from local garages to repair the tear, with the most expensive quote coming in at £80 inc VAT.

I told PSA the most I was willing to pay was £100, as their quote was clearly unreasonable. However they threw the legal guidelines at me, and said their final offer before escalating this would be a 25% discount on the price they had quoted me. I ended up paying it as it was dragging on, and to be honest they had me over a barrel.

My advice is definitely to check the interior for any tears, no matter how minor, before you give the car back if on a lease deal...and learn from my mistake! :(


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Re: PSA Finance and Manheim Auctions - Beware!

Post by paully » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:59 pm

Seems to be Citroen all over these days, just penny pinching. That car will have gone through the `block` without anyone noticing or not giving it much attention if they did. That way Citroen trouser cash when they should be doing the opposite to try to retain the goodwill of the customer. An awful end to a nice relationship..Did you get another citroen??..either way best wishes
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Re: PSA Finance and Manheim Auctions - Beware!

Post by FrankBullitt » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:40 pm

I’m afraid this is the downside to leasing - yes you have no ongoing liability in the car but also this means your ongoing interest in the car can’t be used as leverage - if you had the car as a PCP then the ability to settle that cars finance would be attractive to the seller of your new car (Citroën or otherwise) where as a lease sounds simple but in reality you can be culpable for any damage large or small and your ability to defend yourself is limited - it’s for this reason that very few people hand back a PCP at the end of the term as it puts you in the same position.

I can’t really see the upsides on personal lease

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