So what tyres are we all using?

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Re: So what tyres are we all using?

Post by routemaster1 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:43 pm

I posted a while ago on this thread. It seems I may have touched a nerve or two. I really apologise for that, but I have a good reason for only using high quality tyres. I appreciate that some asian made tyres may be good, but using a well known European or American made brand means you know what you are getting.

The reason I only buy well-known brands is that I have had two occasions when I have had to use emergency braking; unfortunately I could not avoid the accidents but the tyres may have mitigated the damage. The first occasion was in 2008, when someone in a Saab pulled out in front of me whilst I was doing about 60 mph on a trunk road on a bright summer morning. Despite emergency braking and trying to steer away, I hit it at high speed and wrote the car off (a Clio). Luckily I came away with only a minor bump on my head.

The second occasion was in a C3.

Dashcam footage:

On this occasion, again the Michelin tyres couldn't prevent the crash, and again the car was written off. I was virtually uninjured, but my wife was badly bruised. I would add that in both cases the other party was considered to be entirely to blame.

So, having this happen to me twice, completely out of the blue, I would not compromise on my own safety and that of others.

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