Firmware update problem

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Firmware update problem

Post by cgrig1981 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 9:11 pm

Hello !!!!
New to forum i am from Greece i own a c4 cactus 1.5 diesel the last 9 months.
Today i tried to update the firmware of the screen (i dont have Gps and maps),i download the new firmware from my citroen app and the license key,i plased the downloads at a usb stick 32 gb fat 32 format, but when i try to do the update a message appears at the screen saying the usb is not compatible with the vehicle. any ideas? Please help

P.S. the app asked the Vin number so i believe that this is the correct update , also i download the firmware from the uk site and i had the same problem.

This is the version of my screen


these are the files in the usb stick


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