Hello - it's not mine but I'm here anyway.

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Hello - it's not mine but I'm here anyway.

Post by thetapeworm » Wed May 23, 2018 4:23 pm

Hi, my wife recently picked up a '16 Flair Edition with the BlueHDi engine in Obsidian Black - I'd had one previously as a hire care and after the initial shock of getting is as a "Focus equivalent" I was quickly smitten. She's not much of a forum person and I'm the car fan so here I am :)

All is well with the car and aside from a few enhancements here and there (sadly she won't let me turn it into an Adventure Concept) it should hopefully stay with us for many years to come.

It's due a sat nav update (the MyCitroen app is a nice touch and told me about this) but seems reluctant to accept this from the USB stick at present but I'll persist with things and hopefully crack it (so far I've obtained the files they linked to, unzipped them to a USB stick and popped it in - it detects but never seems to complete an update).

I do have an initial question that perhaps you can help me with. I'm looking to install a dash cam, the one I have in mind also has a rear camera that connects to the unit in the front via a cable. Routing isn't a concern normally and I've fit a few of these to other cars already but I was just wondering about the wire run across the top of the windscreen. Is this likely to impact on the airbags? I believe they are in the roof and I don't want to cause any issues by having wire running near them, an airbag in the face is bad enough without also being whipped with cable :)

I've seen a replacement "shelf" for under the 12v / USB socket that acts as a wireless phone charger and would like to upgrade the front bulbs to something a little more "white" but all in all very happy so far, I look forward to having a nosey around and learning as much as I can/
'16 Flair Edition - Obsidian Black - BlueHDi 100

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