Hallo from wiltshire

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Hallo from wiltshire

Post by nevar771 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:41 am

Hello all.

Recently acquired a 65 plate Cactus (after a 3 month wait due to a main dealer admin cock up with a V5) and had it almost a week.

  • Question: of the veteran Cactus petrol owners - what's your best full tank mileage range?
  • Reason: Used to drive diesels until was forced to get a petrol due to MOT rules and was used to enjoying ranges of 560miles. Is that range impossible in an S/S 110? I have been trying to drive it like an <<insert derogatory term for slow driver here>>

at the time I decided to buy this car, I'd spent a month or two researching petrol cars that could possibly take on diesel engines and win. It came down to what I could afford the reviews saying if you get petrol get the S/S 110 as it's the most refined (I took that to also mean efficient).

As I've not got to the end of the tank yet I have no figure for the full range or indeed if that's a normal usage figure. What I can tell you is that I'm getting 54 to 55mpg on normal roads, and just about managed to get 60 miles out of the first fuel pip.

Thoughts, comments, answers welcome.
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