What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Tenbeersbold » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:49 am

C4 Grand Picasso, word of advice buy new or sell within 2 years of warranty ending.
Fact I will never purchase a used CRD equipped car ever again. DPF filters are a repair boondoggle and a ticking repair bill in every crd car.
Next car will be a new Charger RT running LPG.
I'm done with fussy euro diesels.

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Jukebox » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:28 pm

Arrived at my Cactus on a mixture of two, three, and four wheels... here goes and as Eric Morecambe once said "they are all the right vehicles but not necessarily in the right order"

Lambretta 150 S2
Mini mk1
Ford Escort estate mk1
Vauxhall Viva
Citroen 2CV
Morris Minor
Citroen 2CV
Dnepr 650 and sidecar
Moto Guzzi California
Honda Dominator
Rover 214
Citroen C3 mk1
Citroen C3 mk2
Citroen cactus

In compiling this list I've realised, that in one respect, I've gone full circle .... the Mini had "pop-out" rear windows.
Flair 1.2(82) white n' black 17"alloys

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Cactusmart » Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:38 am

H there, I previously owned a BMW 118DSE. The BMW was a great car but the suspension was very hard and passengers felt cramped in the back. Love the Cactus, a totally different driving experience. Just love the design.

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Fkg76 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:57 pm

Bought a C4 Cactus when we became 4 at home, bought a C3 Picasso when 3 (first kid) and previously a C2 when in couple ! :lol:


Blue Lagoon 1.2 82ch. Feel / Square black wheels

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by MarioH » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:29 pm

After a Lambretta 150 Li
and a Honda 90 cc
Ami 6
Opel Kadett model 1
Datsun ( Nissan) 100
Ford Escort mk1 1300
Peugeot 204
Peugeot 404 (2x)
Peugeot 304
Renault 16 tl (2x)
Mercedes 300d 123
Honda Accord (2x)
Chevrolet Corsica 2.2
Fiat Bravo 1.9 td
Lancia Dedra (2x)
Saab 93
Volvo 340
Volvo 460
Citroen CX 2.5 aut
Xsara Picasso
now Cactus 1.6 eHdi 6 speed aut. fully loaded

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Dadioglasgow » Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:15 pm

Hillman Rally Imp
Citroen Dyane Weekend
Fiat Miratori Sport
Fiat Panda (2)
Volkswagen Beetle
Lada - best forgotten about...
Fiat 126 (2)
Citroen BX 1400 petrol
Citroen BX Diesel
Citroen Xantia
Fiat Seicento Sport
Citroen Xsara
Toyota Aygo
Volkswagen Up!
Citroen C4 VTR+ 110 Diesel with EGS 6 speed
currently Cactus Flair eHDi92 with 6 speed EGS
Cactus Flair e-HDi92 ETG6 - Lagoon Blue

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by ScandinavianOwner » Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:43 am

Citroën c4 2007 1,6 110 hp.

Was really good, but started to breakdown slowly!

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by caroline51 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:20 am


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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by renagade » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:20 pm

2011 Citroen C5 X7.

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Re: What car did you come from to the Cactus ?

Post by Mothy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:19 pm

In the spirit of previous posts :D

1948 Triumph 5T motorcycles (3 off, the number plate went on the one that worked) lib
1953 Triumph Tiger Cub (replaced engine with smaller Triumph Terrier 150cc) lib
1958 Diana Dürkopp scooter (went well) lib
1958 Maicoletta (hybrid scooter come motorcycle) lib
1953 Bsa Bantam 125 (slow but reliable) lib
1965 Honda 50 (bought for £5, sold for £5 5 years later) lib
1952 Austin A30 (matt black bonnet made it look the biz) lib
1956 Bedford CA van (managed to write off outside a police station - no real defence as excuse) lib
1958 Standard 8 (horrible car) lib
1957 Standard 10 (almost as horrible) lib
1960 Standard Atlas Van (Silly little Standard 10 engine, gutless. Buy for £5 sell for £10) lib
1958 Singer Gazelle (I liked the dash board) lib
1959 Morris 1000 (black gloomy and depressing)
1959 Morris 1000 XWP22 (white and great fun but no 1st or reverse gear) 1 2 3
1959 Morris 1000 86UMM 1
1951 RMA Riley 1.5 (price haggled from £1-10s to £1 cos tyres were not very good) lib
1937 Austin Seven Open Tourer 4 seater FK8042 (got for for nothing and sold for £27-10s, no hood so girlfriend made me buy my first MG). Apparently its now an Ulster Replica 1
1949 MG TC EWN766 (Bought for £100, did chassis up restore, sold for £450 and put deposit down on house) 1 2 3 4 5 6
1939 MG TA (bought for £10 and broke for spares to rebuild the TC, sold the chassis and log book for £10) lib
1934 Austin 7 Special, with Markham Peasey body, inherited from Father-in-Law but never completed 1 2 3
1961 Rover 80 (£100, just like new, the engine was not even dusty) lib
1961 Austin Cambridge (not bad but got stolen and vandalised, and never really liked it again) 1
1960 Morris Oxford Estate (Not sure quite what it was, Morris at the front and Austin at the rear) lib
1962 Wolesey 3 litre, engine grafted into the Vanden Plas - What a waste of time! lib
1963 Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R CAE260C (bought for £100 and was used off an on for 10 years, finally sold for £70 after abortive engine transplant from a Wolsley 3 litre) 1 2
1964 Jaguar MK II 3.4 BYH616B (£150, my first real performance car, broke its back in a traffic lights grand prix) 1 2 3 4
1967 MG MGB GT (nice condition)
1962 MG MGB Tourer (bought for £50, sold for £70, rotten to the core, no 1st or reverse gear, went like a rocket)
1965 Jaguar S Type 3.4 (£150, gave away as a placatory gift to an understandably angry husband of a girl I was going out with...) lib
1965 Mini Moke (not really but it was a special conversion that looked like a mini moke) lib
1968 Austin Healey Sprite DOO218G (£50, redid engine and sold after using it for 4 years for £500) 1 2
1969 Rover 3500 (engine made the right sounds) 1
1975 Rover 3500 (engine boring and quiet)
1982 Ford Escort Estate, company car 1
1985 Ford Sierra Estate, company car 1
1985 Saab 900i LSO844, company car in Sweden 1
1969 Bond Equipe (£10, bought a 2 litre Triumph Vitesse for £15 and transplanted the engine and gearbox, forgot to change the diff, so top speed of about 65mph, got there quick tho)
1971 Jaguar XJ6 SI 4.2 (Enjoyed this one) lib
1970 Morris 1000 van (great fun)
1972 Triumph TR6 (finally sold to someone who did a full rebuild) 1 2
1971 Austin 8cwt van TAC54G (looks like a Morris 1000 van but is a few inches longer) 1 2 3
1982 Morris Marina estate FHA833L (mostly harmless) 1 2
1978 Jaguar XJS V12 BAH666T (probably the worst car I ever bought, used it for 12 months) 1 2 3
1951 Landrover series 1 EAD84A, with Black Taxi Cab diesel engine (very smokey, sold it to a policeman who defaulted on the payments) 1 2
1984 Jaguar XJ6 SIII 4.2 A329MFD (Brilliant car) 1 2 3
1988 Jaguar XJ40 3.6 (clean but gutless)
1990 Jaguar XJ40 4.0 Manual J753VSJ (190k miles, probably the one of best cars I ever bought) 1 2
1960 Rover 100 7557HA (nice car, still see it around now) 1
2001 Peugeot 307 (dull) 1
2003 Citroen Picasso diesel 2.0 (loved it) 1
2005 Citroen Picasso diesel 2.0 (loved this one as well) 1
2007 Citroen Picasso diesel 1.6 (still love them) 1
1971 MG Midget EKA889K (bought on the proceeds of selling one concertina) 1
1965 Triumph TR4 ABH160C (sold to finance the Singer) 1
1934 Singer Le Mans AYP538, when offered to me I just had to have it 1
1972 MG MGB Tourer ENJ615K (bought so that Niki would ride in it, but she didn't) 1
1928 Ford Model A SV7691, only sold because it was hard on my arthritis 1 2
1936 Riley 9 Merlin JC3504, replacement for the Ford 1
1928 Austin 7 Fabric Saloon PK1689, the car I should have bought instead of the MGB 1 2
2013 Dacia Duster Laureate DCI VX63RZL, possibly to replace the Picasso 1 2 3
2013 Kia Picanto 1.0 VO63VAX worked well but 2 door needs plenty of side room when opening. 1
1925 Trojan Utility BT8799, am I really a lethargic masochist? 1
1965 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III CON110C, a gift from a friend 1
2014 Citroen Picasso C3 VK14LUO, to replace the Dacia and Kia and is an average of their sizes 1
2015 Citroen Cactus VN65UAJ I like it! 1
1931 Austin Seven RN saloon CV5728, required to transport both dogs 1
1934 Riley RME Saloon KBL861, purchased from Brightwells Auction House 1
1935 Austin Seven Opal APD Tourer JS4835, a very nice original looking car 1
1927 Austin Seven AD Chummy RU6408, another nice original car. 1
1.6 BlueHDi Flair red

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