270,000 et fin

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270,000 et fin

Post by Cactus4us » Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:13 pm

PSA Villaverde: 270,000 Citroën C4 Cactus in 4 years

Plant of the PSA Group in Villaverde.
The new C4 Cactus is 150 kilos lighter than its competitors

It maintains its airbump, but in the lower part of the body, as in the C3

Three gasoline engines, 82, 110 and 130 HP, plus two diesel of 100 and 120

From 15,990 euros for gasoline and 16,990 euros for diesel

In the end there were 270,000 Citroën C4 Cactus that left the plant in Villaverde -PSA Madrid, according to the nomenclature of the French group- since the launch of the model at the beginning of February 2014. The balance is not bad and more than meets the expectations that had been put in it when its production was decided in Madrid.

When it was decided to give the model the green light, PSA was in one of its worst moments. Carlos Robredo, the then director of Villaverde, was constantly under pressure until the costs were as low as possible.

The brand was never precise in terms of manufacturing objectives, but at certain times annual figures of about 60,000 units were mentioned with the ambition of being able to reach 80,000. In the end it was an average of 67,500 units per year that should have allowed the investment to be profitable although it has been far from filling the capacity of the factory, of almost 140,000 units per year in two shifts.

In addition, with its breakthrough style and its airbump on the doors, it has been the model that has opened the way the new style of the also new Citroën, once broke DS. By losing the refinement of the latter, it has evolved into more functional forms, but without this meaning losing something innate to the brand: the comfort of its suspensions.

Now the brand introduces Phase II of the model. It retains its technical characteristics, among other things, as the marketing director of the brand, Antoine Burguiere, points out. On average it is 150 kilos lighter than its competitors, which allows lower consumption and emissions. But the most important thing is that Citroën has decided that, once it has opened the way to the new style of its models, the C4 Cactus had to become less radical so as not to lose the customers of the normal C4, which will have no successor because its offer will merge with the new Cactus.

Aesthetics sweetened

It maintains the airbumps, but in the lower part of the bodywork, like the new C3, which allows it to offer a more conventional style, although it retains all-wheeled accessories such as wheel arches and protectors for the underbody. The interiors, in particular the seats, have also been revised.

In addition to its suspension have installed new hydraulic shock absorbers, which represent a step forward in the comfort of running, which was good. It also improves in soundproofing.

At the moment, there are three gasoline engines, with 82, 110 and 130 horses, and two diesel, of 100 and 120 horses. The 110 gasoline and the 120 diesel can have automatic change.

The entry price is € 15,990 for gasoline and € 16,990 for diesel. It can also be obtained by paying a fee of 130 euros per month, plus 4,000 entry, for four years, after which the car is returned, your purchase is completed or exchanged for a new one.
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