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Re: New model suspension

Post by srperry » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:32 am

davew wrote:
Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:43 am
srperry wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:16 pm
Well, my take on the brochure descriptions is that they are pretty accurate and not OTT. The new suspension IS innovative and works really well. Over cobbles or rough roads the ride is very smooth. Even over sleeping policemen in my C5 Aircross there is much less of a bump than there was in my previous Cactus.

Apart from wanting something bigger, one motivation of mine for not buying the new model Cactus was the 'de-Cactusing' of the car, the removal of all the features that made it stand out from the crowd rather than blend in.

I'm just comparing by noting some of the comments on this forum by drivers who seem to not be satisfied, with what the current 2019 brochure contains - I'll give you some extracts:

A Citroën world exclusive providing pure driving comfort.


CITROËN ADVANCED COMFORT® delivers unrivalled comfort levels to each passenger. Using new technology
and intelligent design, it’s an approach that keeps you relaxed and refreshed in body and mind. In typical Citroën style,
everything that contributes to comfort has been carefully considered and rethought. Four core themes are used
to create the perfect driving environment: soft contact points and low noise levels, interior space and versatility,
intuitive and useful technology and pure, calm comfort all round.

Innovation is part of Citroën’s DNA and so is providing exceptional comfort. This is why New Citroën C4 Cactus features a world-first suspension design that delivers both extraordinary comfort and agility.
Effortlessly absorbing imperfections and changes in the road surface, the system always keeps body movements perfectly controlled for stable progress and quick responses.
*Not available on PureTech 82 models.

The Progressive Hydraulic Cushion™ is like many Citroën innovations: beautifully simple. Unlike an ordinary suspension system that uses a shock absorber, coil spring and mechanical stop, the Citroën solution adds two hydraulic cushions to smoothly control compression and rebound. This slows down large or abrupt suspension movements and glides over minor road imperfections, delivering a balance of poise and unmatched ride comfort.

My impression is that these glowing descriptions don't quite match with the comments from some drivers, whose expectations on ride quality have not been met.
The description you quote is indeed straight out of the brochures, and is absolutely factually correct - the new suspension system on the C5 Aircross and the new C4 is certainly much better for comfort than any other system currently available in the current non-millionaire car market. Nowhere does it imply that hitting a sleeping policeman at speed won't be felt! It does indeed glide over minor road imperfections, such as cobbles, and certainly adds greatly to the comfort of the car.

I'm afraid that people reading what they wish to hear into a valid and straightforward description is their own mistake and not Citroen's. Certainly the claims of misleading descriptions that have appeared here have been from people who expect miracles that are against the laws of physics.
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Re: New model suspension

Post by gsa1300 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:25 pm

I have a Cactus with PHC suspension since last August (14000kms in the clock)
Hungarian roads are quite bumpy. Previously I used a C4 MKI (still have it). Both driven on the same road I noticed that 'sharp' bumps are much more better absorbed in Cactus. If you have a 'stepwise' bump, like when you step down from a staircase, the rear suspension of the Cactus is much more harsh. But sleeping policemen and potholes and so on are much better in the Cactus than in the C4 (the C4 had full shock absorber change two years ago -so they are not worn).
Overall the PHCed Catus is much more comfortable than the C4, although the latter one is much better in comfortwise than VAG products in its class....
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