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New to Cactus'

Post by crippsy99 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:06 pm

Hi guys.
Ive just joined after buying a C4 Cactus about 4 weeks ago. 64 plate so 2014 registered. 34,000 miles when I picked it up. I wanted a 2016 flair model, but ended up with the 2014 feel model after my father (who knows a lot more about cars than myself) decided to take the first one we went to actually see!!
I have a few questions, and not sure where on here to ask them, or if I should make seperate posts, so for now will put them in this post..

As its the basic feel model, it doesnt have the bells and whistles I wanted such as sat nav and parking sensors, reversing camera etc..can this be added on at all extra? Seen a load of sets to buy like on this page and other sites, but a lot say expansion sets so would they still work? Would any of it work through the tablet display etc? Id be after parking sensors mainly, though rear camera would be a bonus. Id get a mechanic/dealer to install any parts of course. ... 1-2-vti-82

Tablet/computer firmware: Worth updating, or leave as it is?

These last few weeks the radio has worked fine, and has picked up a DAB signal with no issues..however the last 3 days now, its had either no DAB signal found at all, or apparently a very weak one with poor reception on every channel, so ive had to switch back to FM. Any ideas why it might not suddenly like DAB, as can't seem to find any mention of this being an issue. As I said, its been fine up until now though.

Saw another post on here about the A/C, and saying its meant to click when it works? I don't think mine makes any noise, so does this mean its not working, and how do I get it sorted?

I was given a page to check for any safety recalls, and it came up "Outstanding recall found
There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on CITROEN C4 CACTUS *******. The vehicle has been recalled since at least 27 March 2019."..I can't see a way though to find out WHAT the recall is for and why?! Id rather know if possible before contacting the local Citroen dealer what could be wrong and what to point out, since the garage we bought the car from didnt mention any recall issues.

Sure there was something else I was going to ask but forgot what now!

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Re: New to Cactus'

Post by somada141 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:16 pm

Hi all, similar situation (2017 Feel with 27,000km without all the bells and whistles I wanted - reverse camera, parking sensors, carplay, etc). I was quoted 500€ for the sat-nav and reverse camera though I dunno if that'd include the sensors. Does anyone have any experience pimping their car with all these extras after the fact?

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