C4 Cactus to C3 Aircross

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C4 Cactus to C3 Aircross

Post by Adrian » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:19 pm

On Sunday we paid a visit to the local Citroen dealership and the upshot of it was that in September / October we ought to be taking possession of a brand new Citroen C3 Aircross. So in a few months I’ll be saying goodbye and trying to see if there is a C3 Aircross Forums somewhere.

I know this isn’t the forum to be all bubbly about a non C4 Cactus vehicle, but I’m pretty chuffed at what I’m getting. I was pretty much sold on the Aircross as my next car way before Sunday, it really all came down to haggling a deal I was happy with.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my C4 Cactus – its still got a pretty unique body colour wherever I drive and its slightly possible that if we had test driven the new C4 Cactus we would have had a tough decision to make.

FYI, the new car will be a C3 Aircross Flair manual gearbox with PureTech 110 engine in the Misty Grey body with Spicy Orange roof. Standard Mica interior. Extras include the opening panoramic sunroof with sunblind, parking upgrade (keyless entry and start/stop, front & rear sensors, intelligent camera, blind spot monitor), Techno HiFi upgrade (wireless charging, colour instrument cluster, colour HUD),

Didn’t go for the grip control dial as I do very little desert, mountain or beach driving in Berkshire. I’d have used it when it snows once or twice a year but I figured £400 for such rare use was stupid.

I was going to go with the 130 version as the C3 Aircross is heavier than the C4 Cactus, even though I've never had a problem with the C4 engine output but we test drove the 110 C3 Aircross version and frankly it was great. I'm not anticipating towing anything and the money saved went towards additional extras.

I also forgot to ask for the armrest – I’ve found it really nice having it in the Cactus but its an extra in the Aircross. Not to worry, I can always get it some other time.

Two of the things I'm really looking forward to are the reversing camera and Heads Up Display. On the camera now the guide lines change direction as you turn the steering wheel and as you near the object your reversing up to, the view can change to an overhead one – almost like it shot a drone up into the sky! Very impressive.

When test driving, the car didn’t have the HUD and I found myself glancing down to see the dashboard – not like the Cactus which has the dash higher up. The HUD should help as its much higher up, has targeting reticules and Friend or Foe recognition for the heat seeking missiles. That last bit might not be direct from the brochure.
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Re: C4 Cactus to C3 Aircross

Post by gsa1300 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:59 pm

About two years ago we started to find a replacement car for our C4 MkI (2005). Then the Cactus was one option.
After test driven one it was quite noisy and the 82LE engine was not enough (then the 110LE version was not avaliable in Hungary) because I am towing sometimes.
We took a static test in C42 of the new C3 Aircross during our visit in Paris last autumn and then it was quite impressive.
Then we booked a test drive and it was nice, but a bit louder than expected. Compared to the Cactus I driven two years ago, it was much better.
We wanted to order one in last December, but some personal reasons it was delayed.
Then the new Cactus came out and I was courious about its new suspension (I am still miss my past GSA's soft ride). Then we tried the C3 Aircross and the new Cactus one after one and the Cactus was quieter, softer and more interesting inside than the Aircross (both were middle level cars). The Aircross looked more luxorious, better built, more praktical, but had worse ride quality and was louder inside (surprisingly, because it was quiet last time -driven the exactly same car at both ocassions).
When configured to the same level both ones, the Aircross was more expensive than the Cactus (about 1500-1600 Euros). Then we decided to order the new Cactus.
The dealer has just informed me that it was built, so it is waiting for delivery (long period, about 4 weeks)....

So, the Aircross has more friendly face than the new Cactus (not better than the 'old' Cactus) and has better colour options and seems to be better built. But the softness of the new Cactus overwriten everything in my mind... :)
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