Help, hydraulic progressive cushion...

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Help, hydraulic progressive cushion...

Post by Cactusboy » Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:23 pm

Hi, I'm new hear and the proud owner of a brand new Cactus Flair eat6 automatic.
I'm probably expecting too much but I'm a little disappointed by the ride quality, I feel pretty much everything on the road and as for speed bumps, small ones taken at say 20mpg has the car lurching violently over them with the back wheels sounding like they've left the ground along with the rattling of :? the tyre changing tools in the boot.
I'm on 17" rims and recently took some air out of the tyres which improved things a bit.
I have to say my 2 year old Hyundai i10 previously was almost as good at has absorbing bumps!!

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