Stock speaker crossovers?

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Stock speaker crossovers?

Post by AdamGB » Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:58 am

Hi, apologies if this has already been asked but a search didn't find any answers.

I've taken a pair of hertz speakers out of my old car, woofers/tweeters with a crossover.

I know the stock tweeters are mounted in the dash rather than the door card, does anyone know if these come out of a crossover or directly from the head unit?

I'm hoping it's the latter as I'm reluctant to dismantle the dash if I don't need to, I'm hoping I can splice the crossover into the existing cables and simply replace the relevant speakers.

If there is a crossover, where is it located?

I've seen a YouTube video of someone replacing their cactus speakers, but he splices a filter onto the tweeter, but I'd rather use the crossover matched for my specific tweeter for fidelity.

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Re: Stock speaker crossovers?

Post by Lakii » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:47 pm


There is no crossover, just a small capacitor stuck on the tweeter.
The wires run parallel to the door speakers and the tweeters in the dashboard.

I've upgraded the music system im my Cactus, it's not that difficult, here's the link to my post on another forum.
The text is in croatian, but take look at the links and pictures.
I'm here if you've got any questions...

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