Engine splash cover/Under tray.

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Engine splash cover/Under tray.

Post by TubbyTucker » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:12 pm

https://www.proxyparts.com/car-parts-st ... /11754619/

Just a mention here on the engine under tray/splash/bash cover (link above for the version of tray I have).

I have read a few users with issues with either the part not being fitted to their model of Cactus etc. Well it comes with the 110hp 81kw flair, not that it matters much, for the last 3 years it has been falling partially on and off, it was repaired by the local garage (by cable ties) as the mounting parts to the tray and the plastic body mounts were nearly all split or worn out and repaired by me 2 or 3 other times when it falls down etc. The cable tie fix lasted a year, so not bad, however on looking at the under tray today after the tray falling mostly off the other day, it is now impossible to find a way to attach the tray again due to under car degradation of the tray and the flimsy plastic mouldings that the tray is supposed to attach to being split as well etc.

So a new tray and new plastic under belly would be needed etc, which probably would be a lot of money, so I will find out at the next service if not having the under tray is that bad, and being as it does not come with the 82hp version in the UK, I am guessing not having the under tray does not matter too much on the 110hp either?

And not to moan too much, I do love the Cactus and it has been a very reliable car etc, but this under tray and mounting etc, are dodgy and time consuming at best, especially as the car is driven very carefully etc.

Has anyone else had the same undertray disintegration problem?

From Richard.

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Re: Engine splash cover/Under tray.

Post by robbo7444 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:53 pm

One of the rear tabs has broken off mine recently, it takes a bit of a beating so I check it regularly, its a shame it isnt a bit more robust, yes.
I am expecting one day it will disappear completley and pull the little m6 screws with it!

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