Back again

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Back again

Post by FrankBullitt » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:14 pm

Hello all (again)

Always wanted a Cactus, but the lack of reach adjustment on the wheel gave me back ache as I need the seat far back; we now have a caravan so replaced our DS4 with a Passat Estate but still fancy a Cactus...

The Passat is the family car which my wife uses during the week - currently I do 7500 miles a year commuting so my trusty A2 does a fine job but that’s about to change with a mileage of 18000 miles a year so back in the market for a Cactus; the plan is to buy a facelift PureTech 110 or 130 Flair and share the mileage between it and the A2; can’t sell my little Audi but don’t want to kill it or buy a diesel commuter to do all those miles.

Not really fussed about 110 or 130 but will be looking for a 6-speed model as PSA’s 5-speed box always feels like it’s done 100k in Paris even when new!
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Re: Back again

Post by robbo7444 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:31 pm

Know exactly what you mean with the steering wheel reach, I almost got rid of my 1st gen cactus because of it. I felt like i had long legs and stubby arms and just couldn't reach the wheel. Managed to find some relief by using a cushion behind lower back. It somehow helped a lot. I also pulled up the carpet and removed the foam footrest to gain extra cm's of left foot room!

Just out of interest the comfiest car I have sat in ever was an early 90's lexus es300 type thing.

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