No (re)start after a long drive

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No (re)start after a long drive

Post by Arjan » Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:24 am

My Cactus is normally functioning flawless, but on two occasions:

After driving 5 hours, 500 km at 27°C, after shutting down the engine, it would not start for more than 1 hour.

The first time it happened after start&stop-system had stopped the engine, the second time I stopped the enigne myself by turning the key off.

Both times the starter motor was working perfectly and kept doing so even after 20 attempts.

Both times after a waiting period, of more than an hour, the engine started without any hesitation and could be stopped and started directly after that.

Several Citroën dealers had no idea what the cause could be and did not find any related error codes in the computer of the car.

Can anybody tell me what causes this?

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Re: No (re)start after a long drive

Post by berapotter » Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:06 am

This probably isn't going to help but I had a similar issue on a 1.4Hdi. just occasionally after a long is run it would turn over but not fire up( it almost sounded as though the starter wasn't engaged). Never resolved what the issue was but found that taking the key out of the ignition and putting it back in the engine would start.
Only thought was that the immobiliser was at fault.
Best I can do to help. Sorry!
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Re: No (re)start after a long drive

Post by robbo7444 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:43 am

A worrying fault, and not sure if this is going to help much but I would start from the simple things.
No error codes found only indicates that the computer system reads nothing wrong presently. From what I have seen it doesnt log codes in a memory too well.
Consider the switch and sensor inputs for normal operation. I know on my ecg model your foot needs to be on the brake in order to engage starter motor. Perhaps the brake wiring or contacts is suss. (Stuff like this) Starter will also not engage if engine is presently running, or in a gear.. perhaps computer doesnt know it was stopped. My ecg stalled in the middle of intersection once and not a single warning light illuminated.. as far as it knew it was still idling. This doesn't explain the stop/start issue I know. Stop/start (on my model) uses a seperate alternator type device, and a capacitor to power it to restart anyway-not the starter motor. Consider how it happened after a decent drive, perhaps it is temperature related, perhaPs one of the ecms or relays is getting too warm and becoming unresponsive. Perhaps there is dust in the keyswitch contacts. If its manual perhaps the clutch engage or disengage didnt get read properly. Check if theres anything else going on when it happens, stupid stuff like fuel filler cap loose or door open.
I know you have probably checked or thought of this stuff but need to start simple. Good luck :)

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Re: No (re)start after a long drive

Post by Arjan » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:35 pm

My Cactus has manual gear.
I just have tried out; It even starts when I turn the key when in a gear and no foot on brake nor gas pedal.
Silly thing to do bevause car directly moves even before engine fires up !

The first of the two times the problem occured, the car was at a dangerous spot and i moved it by using the starter motor.
At that time the engine did not start.

Knowing this now and the fact it happend one time by start stop system and one time by turning of the ignition key,
I am pretty convinced that the problem is a temperature related.

Might be electronical like robbo7444 writes but it could also be mechanical .

Anybody who knows what is most likely suspect?

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